Samantha Garrod has been delivering exceptional financial services to clients for 10 years. She holds a diploma in
accounting and worked for several years as a successful Financial Services Manager. Five years ago, Samantha acquired her Agent License from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario, and founded the Samantha Garrod Mortgage Team. Working as a licensed mortgage agent, she connects borrowers with lenders and terms that best suit her client’s financial needs. Samantha uses her extensive experience in financial services, and her specific local property purchasing knowledge, to secure the best results for her clients.

Advantages of Using the

SG Team.

We can turn goals into reality.


Matters concerning finances are involved. As experts in our field, we are up-to-date on the latest offers and products. We will assist in meeting current and future goals. Our clients benefit from the team’s considerable experience.


We utilize our significant industry knowledge to connect our clients with the best financial solution. Our team simplifies information, and uncomplicates processes. Options are presented in a manageable way that exceeds expectations.


Mortgage brokers work with a myriad of lenders to leverage your application to obtain the best mortgage for every scenario. Our only obligation is our clients. We will craft a custom plan that considers a holistic financial approach.


The team is here for you. We are uniquely positioned to provide clients with a range of choices to support a fully informed decision. Our top priority is delivering exceptional service while finding alternatives to save you money.

Find Your Mortgage.

“Samantha was great to deal with. Very personable and easy to talk to when we had questions about a mortgage and future financial goals. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Her hard work allowed us to navigate the system to a level the banks were not willing to go.” 

Owen Hanna